Rubberband Man Rubberband Man Rubberband MAN!

“salad bowls and coffee cans and cookie tins and garbage cans, light fixtures, rocket fins, oil pans and cotter pins”

There was a turning point in my musical direction when, in 1995, I saw a picture of some african kid holding a homemade 3 string gas can guitar and the thought “hey…i can do that” entered my head. The first few guitars i made were awkward and hard to play, but as i refined my skills i made a couple that i could actually play the mighty bejeezus out of. And with a cheap contact mic, any piece of junk will make some kind of sound, and so they became ELECTRIC guitars… I also make Kalimbas, an easily made instrument of Afro Caribbean descent using steel tines attached at one end to a resonator and plucked with the thumbs. The resulting sounds are as varied and beautiful as life itself.