Pitchfork Militia – Tastes Like Chicken
Two full frickin’ discs of fantastic deep fried fun! Another made-at-home effort by the malisha, mastered at Blissland. Untitled, Murder On My Mind and Cut Off Your Dick continue the muddy and mysterious murder ballad tradition. 3 Squirrel Gravy, “B” Is For Baby and Teeth keep everybody pedaling down the crooked road on the silly-bike. Welcome wagon, World Gone Mad and River Of Bile are parts and pieces from the prickly past. Pussy Mantra goes out to all the married men, Disco Inferno goes out to anyone who remembers it, and Dumb It Down goes out to all who get it. This is the best one yet! The 25th Pitchfork Wreckerd and the one you want! Finally a wreckerd that sounds like us! AND we like it! Put on some coffee!
Peter Head – Horns And Halos
A fun little EP of songs with no home. Had to let ’em out. Give ’em a place to be. Again J Bird Bowman of the Five Points Band lent a hand with drums. A great, funny, short CD. Watch out that dick on the back cover dont get you! Pull the trigger Pull the trigger…
Peter Head – Nobody Mourns The Horses
This is the fucking best heavy ambient wreckerd I’ve done to date. Just the fucking tits. It pulls on my soul every time I hear it. A divine visitation. My multitalented and intuitive friend J Bird Bowman of the Five Points Band played drums, recorded live to a basic track and in my home studio I built up the layers around it. Live drums seemed to be what it always lacked. I love this CD, it really speaks to me, and I’m the working artist I make all this stuff for. I wish it went on all day long. That’s a work day baby! She good!
Peter Head – Loss Of Blood
Lamenting the loss of great things. Big electric tears drip from my guitar, making my soul yearn for a time when things seemed simpler. Life’s blood spilling onto dry barren ground. The sun is becoming weak in it’s old age.For every one thing gained ten things have been lost. Heavy electric ambient.
Peter Head – Church
Love and joy and sex and lust bespeckled with blood and risk and a sadness that is beauty itself. Religious zeal channelled from the divine. A rare connection to the cosmos. Kind of like if Frogs and Birds was the birth of an idea, then Church would be like it’s adolescent older brother. An instrumental album done entirely using homemade instruments, a vocal sampler, and field recordings of Catskill Mountain frogs and bugs gettin’ it on! She’s a beaute kids! This one hits the mark right on! “gon’ shake that thing ’til it make’ me yell OOH OOH baby what you do to me!”
Pitchfork Militia – Keep It Up
Get ’em up and move ’em out! Round Up! I’ll tell you What I Want and that i aint no Made In Japan. I’ll tell you a little about Broome Handel and introduce you to Don Ho. I’ll sing you a (twisted) Scottish folk tune and tell you about Clare’s Little Tits. Widow Jane Intermission Song is one of the most beautiful and uncharacteristic songs the PFM ever hacked out. Another DIY disc. 2007
Pitchfork Militia – Hall Of Flame
11 years in the making! From the Woodstock Youth Center to the Hotel Rhinecliff! Recorded LIVE in 2005 at the Forum in Kingston NY. No waste, no fat, these two discs offer up more tasty mouthfuls than a pair of 20 oz porterhouse steaks! A mammoth collection of hair shirts and stinging nettles for the haints and have nots! Recorded mixed and mastered by Jacques Cohen www.thespacerecording.com. This is as close to being there as you can get. Double Live Gonzo!
Pitchfork Militia – Let It Burn
Some toys, some jams, a pair of Hendrix covers and the indisputable Murder Muder Death and Murder. Another smattering of tunes old and new, 100% done by us, by ourselves, please see the disclaimer. A new rendition of Blue Cow, truer to how we play it live is captured here, and an actual love song pops up, try to find another in the whole PFM catalog! Drug overdoses and pesticide poisonings add color to this one. Let it BURN BURN BURN! Dedicated to the legendary John Herald.
Pitchfork Militia – Big Boom
Pigs! Cows! Chickens! We got the Whole Damn Farm! Packed with odd treats like Ol’ Lady B and Quiet Amos. Arizona will wet your dry eyes, and Whatchoo want will burn your fanny! The first in the 100% made mixed and mastered by the Pitchfork Militia series. Yup, we did it ourselves, and if you are in any way dissatisfied with our new home recordings, send your tax deductible monetary contributions to “the studio fund” here at Pitchfork Wreckerds.
Peter Head – Rodeo
singin purty for the ladies. songs from the backseat of life. did you ever get left at the Texaco when the family stopped for gas? some Pitchfork favorites stripped down and sung high and lonesome. Jesus Loves Me, Dead and Gone, Hard Year and Where’d You Sleep Last Nite. everyone knows the feeling of wanting to move to Arizona and never look back, or waiting to take your sweetie to the Rodeo. three petticoat pretty instrumental guitar pieces grace the folds of this one as does finally, a cover of Pink Floyd’s Childhood’s End. done at home during winter on a little 1950s Gibson acoustic.
Peter Head – Frogs and Birds
talismans for protection. eyes closed in a fight. earth and sky and all in between. using two homemade guitars i was able to channel something divine into your stereo speakers. at times sounding african, japanese or downright appalachian, Frogs and Birds is an all instrumental near religious experience waiting to happen.
Broome Handel – The Hindenburg Tapes
“with a handful of pills Broome Handel come to town”. in the year 2000 with some road trip rants scrawled on some truck stop placemats Broome Handel came to Mempfis for a hobo hoedown with the core group from Genesee Leroy Stone. that was John Stain, Rexford “40” Youmans and Peter Head. banjos mandos and slide guitars tellin raw tales from the backwoods of whatever podunk state you happen to be in. includes a 16 page color booklet designed by BH himself! once these babies are gone they are GONE! a true gem.
Pitchfork Militia – Big Beef Bonanza
the first string greatest hits picked from the 7 tapes we did at the Coop in catskill NY with John Annese. inspired by sleepless cross country driving jags, broken hearts,and people clearly pissing me off. by far the most definitive “early years” collection. full of fan favorites like Pennsylvania, Trucker, River Song, Milk Bibles and Guns and Bulldog.12 of the 16 songs are unfit for radio. dripping with drunken farm accidents, dust bowl poverty, and raging humor sex and social commentary. this is the CD that’s always reccomended as a first for the pitchfork virgin.
Pitchfork Militia – Jerk Water
we just couldnt stand it, after Big Beef had taken 16 of the “best” songs off those first 7 tapes, there were still a lot of good songs left, so we put together another compilation called Jerk Water – our term for all the beer we drank laughing our heads off over songs like Walter, Sarah, Amy Fisher and I Will Give You Pain. Visions of Tractors, Dont Dump It On The Ground and Town Life were the foundation the Militia was built on.
Pitchfork Militia – In The Absence Of A Cosmic Justice
this was actually slated to be the 7th tape, that’s how the 4 song crossover occurred, but then we started making CDs so we made it into a CD. as an album this is a nice cohesive batch of songs. a couple murder songs, some slavering christianity and a little existentialism thrown in with the usual drunken zaniness and spit-flecked rage and self criticism. more road trip inspiration with Alabama, Jesus Lives In The Carolinas and 800 Miles Of Texas. some downright funny stuff too like Egg McMang, Two Ton Tom and Dog Turds. the last and best yet recording by John Annese.
Pitchfork Militia – The Number Two
starting with a farting noise and adorned with a turd on the cover…note the lack of commercial potential. Fucked Up, College Boy and Sunflowers are no-holds-barred ass whoopers. Crash, Mary Jane and Drinkin are tippin the cows and burnin the barn. Dildo, Metro and Campin are still everybody’s faves. the first recording by Jacques Cohen at the Space in Poughkeepsie NY.
Pitchfork Militia – Bright New World
the cover photo is a picture of 1950s comfort and security that i could walk right into, the kids are playing badminton, their moms are serving jello…a collection darker still, despite the cover, than the last. Black And White, Cole Durhew, Monkey and Thing pull no punches but the classic rock medley in Short Jig and a song like Mother Die keep the party jumpin. sorry mom. done on 2 inch tape at the Space.
Pitchfork Militia – Chimp Wagon
a year and a half in the making, this is absolutely the most phattest sound we ever got in the studio. it opens with Blue Cow- a Doorag cover that we stripped down and rebuilt with Karl on banjo. Meat and Pertaters and Whitey’s On The Mountian are destined to become pitchfork classics. Nineteen, The Ass and Calamity Jane all feature the high strung fervor of the electric mandolin instead of guitar. Pancho Villa and Boneyard are by my friend John Stain. and finally a studio take of everybody’s favorite- Hard On! (dont tell me size doesnt matter)
Peter Head – Junk Pile
2 homemade guitars, my voice and a 2 second sampler. a stick whacking some rattles and cans. a visit to toys R us. this is the first in a series of ambient Wreckerds. music to wash dishes to. little sketches by nomadic mountian horsemen. a dream of a distant land and living out of doors. tiny lights coming from under a tree stump.
Peter Head – So-Lite
“heavy ambient”, expect nothing, put it on while you do something else. another book of sketches with an annoyance factor of about 3. done with an M’bira made by Phil Crandon, two homemade guitars and a 2 second sampler. some moments of pure beauty.
Peter Head – The Birth Of Western Trance
american bison, lonesome campfires, unexplained murders and perry mason. mildly menacing melancholy mixed with fat happy laziness. reverb drenched guitars, harmonica, homemade percussion and pulsing loops. crickets, birds and thunder storms. the 3rd “heavy ambient” wreckerd. broome handel is my partner on this one, playing harmonica, accordion, percussion and banjo. he describes it as “elevator music for the working cowboy”. John Stain plays a homemade garbage can stand up bass/kick and snare contraption on Sleepy Time 1 and Rez. this is a beautiful album the high desert would be proud of.
Peter Head – A Love Supreme
recorded in 1993 and dedicated to John Coltrane, this 29 minute psychdelic wonder resembles Coltrane’s masterpiece in it’s freedom of exprssion only. this album is very sonic and textural and shows just how far out the electric guitar can get. reversed tape and endless loops fuzzed to the max wash this stuff straight from “the bottom of the ocean”. with a little spoken word on the two songs titled Hole…dont be scared, it’ll be over quick, it may hurt but you probably wont die
Peter Head – Chomolungma’s Breath 2010
Welcome to the eastern gateway of the Catskill Mountains. I have lived here for 500 if not 5000 years. My bones are made of bluestone, my blood runs thick with with clay. A definite connection with my home on this one. Once again, the ultra-serious, sitting right next to the feloniously silly. Drunk and Junk illustrate how difficult life can be for some folks, but you always gotta remember what Gramma said! There’s a love song to my Chainsaw and a little ditty about how Your Tits speak to me. You can hear Rip Van Winkle’s Dog howling as Chomolungma’s Breath pulses with midnight mountain magic. Covers of Sonny Bono’s Bang Bang and James Hunnicutt’s A Dick To Cry On are changed rearranged and made deranged here too. Something for everyone! Fun for the whole family! A good time was had by all!
An all instrumental three piece power trio with John Fay on bass, Matty ‘Pants’ Mesic on drums; both of Daddy’s Lap, Los Doggies, and Hooker Dragger fame, and Peter Head on shred/hack guitar. “I’ll rev the chainsaw and you guys push me in the wheelbarrow!” Recorded live in the Jack Shack at RockLedge with very minimal overdubs. This is the culmination of an organic union of creative individuals coupled with a chemical intensity of low ceilinged urgency. And funner’n hell! Play it loud!
Broome Handel – Straight Up Chucky
A couple hundred people gathered by a crossroad in the mountains of eastern Tennessee. Chucky Tennessee. Mandos banjos slide geetar and mouth harp. Broome’s cookin’ the piss outta some borderline pork ripped to the gills on pills. Darrell’s makin’ road kill stew to go with his momma’s three squirrel gravy. Yessir, real hometown America here. Hoo-Wee. Shee-It…and there’s arrowheads in them fields!
Before Pitchfork, Karl and I played in a band called Heinous with the questionable genius of drummer Matty-Cone. We had a singer who never showed up for rehearsal and in our final year we recorded on a 4 track all sorts of zany off the cuff stuff without him that, when I was drunk, I would compile onto cassette tape. Jacques Cohen resurrected this from those tapes. Woodstock Youth Center 1993! Warning! This wreckerd yells “suck my dick” really loud!